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Is the Regent Bookstore site Secure?

Yes, our site is secured using a 2048 bit SSL certificate signed and approved by GlobalSign, an established accredited public certificate authority. The certificate protects the portions of the website dealing with credit card information, there for you will only see the https url prefix and locked browser indicater on those pages. As securing a page results in a slower browsing experience, we don't secure the entire website, only those pages that require it.

As always, make sure that when you go to enter your credit card data you see https in front of the website url/address, otherwise your data will not be secured. This should never be an issue on the Regent Bookstore website, as the ordering process ensures that you are taken to the proper secured page at the appropriate time, but it is always good practice to check anyway.

How are credit card numbers handled?

When you order products from your credit card number is split into two segments and sent to us encrypted. The two segments are only rejoined and decrypted when we go to process the credit card number to complete the order, after which they are re-encrypted automatically. We do keep copies of the order information on file in case of issues that might come up later, but the two credit card segments are never stored together and are always kept encrypted. We do not use credit card numbers for other orders, only for the one for which it was supplied.

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